Why attend?

The UK’s most important manufacturing conference – focused on ensuring that manufacturers are capable of attracting, retaining and building the talented workforce required now and into the future.

Why attend? | Manufacturing People and Skills Summit

Manufacturing People & Skills Summit brings together manufacturing leaders, HR specialists, and skills innovators to discuss how they can grow and transform their workforces to be the best they can be, and to prepare for the future - by tackling key issues like:

What skills are needed for the future of manufacturing?
What are the invisible barriers to entry reducing my company's access to talent?
How can apprenticeships attract more and better apprentices?
What kind of outreach programmes deliver the best results?
How can we get the most out of our current workforce?

Unique Conference Format

Rather than sit at the back of a conference room and look at presentation slides all day – delegates get to join a high-level conversation on a focused topic, tapping into the expertise and experience of their discussion leader and fellow delegates.

They can choose which discussion table to join from the available topics and each discussion lasts 30-minutes – enabling them to participate in five different discussions during the course of the conference.

Click the video below to see it in action!

“The energy in the room was fantastic!” – Alec Anderson, Koolmill Systems

“The involvement of delegates has worked very well. The discussion tables have given a chance for everyone to be more involved, as opposed to a conventional conference where one person is lecturing and a lot of people are just listening.” - Hassan Khalid, Data Scientist, GSK

“I found the format excellent!” – Marco Del Seta, BOC

“Excellent opportunity to discuss key issues with peers in the industry.”- Andrew Carr, BAE Systems